Track 8 – Implementation of qualitative and mixed methods researches

Aula 214

  • Track Opening. Reflections on Qualitative and Mixed Methods Researches (11:30-11:45). Ana María Pinto-Llorente, María Cruz Sánchez-Gómez and António Pedro Costa.
  • Mixed methods and visual representation of data with CAQDAS: empirical study (11:45-12:00). Sonia Verdugo-Castro, Mª Cruz Sánchez-Gómez, Alicia García-Holgado and António Pedro Costa. 
  • Mixed methods: Lessons learned from five cases of doctoral theses (12:00-12:15). Jaime Ricardo Valenzuela-González.
  • Gender gap in the Digital Society: a qualitative analysis of the international conversation in the WYRED project (12:15-12:30). Nadia Sánchez Santos, Alicia García-Holgado and Mª Cruz Sánchez-Gómez.

Event Timeslots (1)

18th Oct – 214 Classroom