Participatory workshop towards a taxonomy of uncertainty

Workshop proposal TEEM2019

Uncertainties in Knowledge Production and Education
A Participatory Approach to Co-design an Uncertainty Taxonomy

Workshop organizers:

Enric Senabre, Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH-ÖAW), exploration space, 1040 Wien, Wohllebengasse 12-14/2


Tackling uncertainties and fuzziness is a topic that has recently gathered momentum in the research landscape. The proposed interaction builds on a series of previous workshops conducted in the framework of Digital Humanities research community such as EADH2018 Galway / IE 12.2018 (news) and DH2019 Utrecht / NL 07.2019 (Blog) against a background of Open Innovation methods and practices in science. 

The session is based on participatory design methodologies with the aim to:

  1. Share experiences in dealing with uncertainties in research and educational settings,
    highlighting knowledge creation in the digital realm;
  2. Co-design an uncertainty taxonomy and discuss specific types of uncertainty in scientific and educational contexts from a metadisciplinary perspective;
  3. Discover common ground for transdisciplinary learning and knowledge exchange against a background of Open Innovation.

The proposed interaction is conducted in the framework of the European project ProvideDH

Duration: 4h
Max. Participants: 20

Space: better a flexible setting rather than fixed tables and chairs

Language: Spanish/English, depending on participants preferences or in both