Registration for the TEEM Conference 2019 is available. The fees are:

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Standard registration: 250€ (1st paper)
Additional papers: 40€ per additional paper (maximum 2)
Reduced registration (Postgraduate students and Chairs): 150€

Conference registration fee includes:

  • Attendance to all conference activities
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Gala dinner and coffee breaks

For paper presentation at the Conference and publication in the Proceedings, one registration per paper is required. Postgraduate students must provide proof of their status with a copy of their student card sent with the registration form. Please, take care to choose the proper fee regarding the additional papers. Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.

Please follow the following steps for attendance registration for TEEM’19 Conference.

These steps are mandatory to complete the registration

STEP 1: Begin the registration clicking on the following link. A similar screen to the following figure will appear.

STEP 2: Insert your DNI, NIE or Passport Number, and click on the red button with the word (“INSCRIBIRSE”). After this you will see a form such as the one of the next screenshot.

STEP 3: Choose the proper fee. Please, take care to choose the proper fee regarding the additional papers. Standard registration is 250€, PhD students, unemployed people and conference chairs will have a reduce fee (150€). If you want to register more than one paper you should pay 40€ per additional paper up to 2. Below the fee rate you have other form such as the one shown in the next image.
STEP 4: Please, fulfil the form with your personal information, include a keyword for future registrations and clic the red button with the word “INSCRIBIRSE”. This will show you a screen such as the next one with the payment information (it will also be sent to you by email).

STEP 5: You should order your bank transfer or pay the fee directly in your bank office. Please use the information shown in the figure as “Payment Information” and the reference number in the transfer concept. The payment should be compete in the next two days since you access to this page, if not you should begin the registration process again.
Once you have complete the playment upload the associate documents by using the “Pinchando aquí” link. The form is shown in next figure.

STEP 6: Upload a copy of the required documents through the form. Passport or DNI and the proof of payment are mandatory. If you are a student or unemployed it is also necessary that you upload a document to justify it.
STEP 7: When the payment is done, if you need an invoice fill the following form.