Track 14 – ISELEAR’19

Aula 214

  • Track Opening. 10th International Workshop on Software Engineering for E-learning (ISELEAR’19)  (12:45-12:50). Miguel Ángel Conde, Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo and Jose-Luis Sierra.
  • Capturing high-level requirements of information dashboards’ components through meta-modeling (12:50-13:05) Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo, Francisco José García Peñalvo and Roberto Theron.
  • ANGELA: a novel approach of graphic notation based on the metaphor of road signs to facilitate the learning of programming (13:05-13:20). Santiago Schez-Sobrino, Maria Á. García, Cristian Gómez, David Vallejo, Carmen Lacave, Carlos Glez-Morcillo, Ana I. Molina, Javier A. Albusac and Miguel Á. Redondo.
  • An app based on cooperative learning for the detection of danger points and the prevention of risk areas in a city (13:20-13:35). Aldo Pérez Vizcarra, Guadalupe Anccasi Figueroa, Jaison Torres Chana and Francisco García-Peñalvo.
  • Modelling the business structure of a digital health ecosystem (13:35-13:50) Samuel Marcos-Pablos, Alicia García-Holgado and Francisco José García Peñalvo.
  • Master as a Service: A multidisciplinary approach to teach Big Data technologies (13:50-14:05) Joan Navarro Martín, Agustin Zaballos, David Fonseca and Ricardo Torres Kompen.

Event Timeslots (1)

17th Oct – 214 Classroom